2021 Quincy Election Guide

Your guide to Quincy's city council and school committee race for 2021

QFTC Organizer | October 27, 2021

Election Day, November 2nd 2021, is coming up soon! Don’t panic – we know it’s difficult, time-consuming, and often overwhelming for every individual voter to comb through all of the information available, trying to pick out important factors to help determine which candidate to vote for. To assist with that, the QFTC organizers have researched every city council and school committee candidate in a contested race this year, and compiled lists of positive progressive factors (“green flags”) as well as potentially less progressive “mixed” or anti-progressive “red” flags if applicable. We hope that this will help Quincy voters make their best and most informed decisions!

2021 Quincy City Council Candidate Guide

2021 Quincy School Committee Candidate Guide

About this election:

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Sample ballots for each ward: https://qftc.org/uploads/images/specimen-ballots-wards-1-2-3-4-5-6-november-2021.pdf

Find your polling station here: www.wheredoivotema.com

Early Voting & Deadlines: www.quincyma.gov/news/displaynews.htm?NewsID=1080&TargetID=1