Quincy City Council Ward 1 race

Dave McCarthy (incumbent) vs Joe Murphy (challenger)

QFTC Organizer | October 16, 2021

Dave McCarthy (Ward 1 incumbent)

Dave McCarthy has been a city councilmember since 2018. He served on the Quincy school committee from 2004-2016. He lives in Hough’s Neck, and currently works at General Dynamics.

Website: http://www.electdavemccarthy.org/

Green Flags

Racial justice:
  • Co-sponsored a city council resolution “2020-147 - Recognizing October as Filipino American History Month” in 2020 along with 5 other councilmembers
Health and disability:
  • Sponsored a city council resolution “2019-037 – City Wide Review of ADA Compliance” in 2019
  • Is on the South Shore Mental Health Board of Directors and Carrol Center for the Blind Board of Trustees
  • Mentions the opioid crisis as an issue of concern on his website
  • Co-sponsored a city council resolution “2020-166 – Continued Legal Action in Opposition to Weymouth Gas Compressor Station” in 2020 along with 6 other councilmembers

Mixed Flags

  • Acknowledges environmental issues and supports initiatives to address them; however, mainly focuses only on construction/development and trees, and is ambivalent towards adopting MA’s Net Zero Stretch Code on building energy use

Red Flags

  • Voted against the creation of the Department of Social Justice and Equity in 2020
  • Does not acknowledge that there are any racial issues whatosever in Quincy, and claims there is no benefit to applying critical race theory to civic planning or social structures
  • Is willing to take donations from contractors who have active contracts with the city
  • Stated budget priorities are evaluating the city’s tax income and making “tough choices” about funding Quincy city services
  • Believes that “COVID is over” now
  • Longterm career at defense contracting company General Dynamics*

*Why defense jobs are problematic:




Joe Murphy (Ward 1 challenger)

Joe Murphy previously ran for Ward 1 city councillor in 2017 and 2019. He lives in Hough’s Neck, and currently works at MIT.

Website: https://www.votejoemurphy.com/

Green Flags

Racial justice:
  • Speaks out on the issues facing environmental justice (EJ) communities
  • Suggests publishing a map of EJ communities and having the zoning/planning/conservation boards factor impact on EJ communities in their decisions
  • Supports teaching accurate, non-whitewashed history in schools
  • Quincy Climate Action Network (QCAN) board member
  • Opposes the Fore River compressor station
  • Favors electric vehicles and MA’s Net Zero Stretch Code on building energy use; advocates creation of a green-zoning task force composed of builders and environmental activists; supports bike and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Was a union representative for AFM Local 47 in 2007
  • Supports collective bargaining for city workers and tradespeople
Government transparency:
  • Says he would call for a complete third-party financial review of Quincy’s finances
  • Says he would push for a “participatory budget” system that allows residents to decide how a portion of the city budget is spent
  • Member of the Quincy Dems communications committee
  • Not taking any donations or contributions to his campaign