QFTC statement on candidate endorsement

"Why is QFTC not endorsing candidates for the 2021 elections?"

QFTC Organizer | September 23, 2021

“Why is QFTC not endorsing candidates for the 2021 elections?"

The QFTC organizers have been getting variations on this question over the course of this month, and we would like to provide a more thorough answer here.

We discussed and considered the pros and cons of endorsing political candidates at length in the months leading up to the election. Our decision to refrain from endorsing candidates is certainly not because we think the elections don’t matter - in fact, exactly the opposite. Voting is the most basic and fundamental form of civic engagement, and it’s extremely important that everyone does so in a fully informed manner. This is why we put together our own forum interviewing the school committee candidates (which, once again, can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/VR-OdI0NJ6Q )

Ultimately, QFTC is a nonpartisan group. This means that we do not affiliate with any political parties, and our actions are not based on or influenced by any particular political party or candidate. Our focus is not on declaring allegiance or opposition to individual people or parties. We maintain our outside status in order to demand accountability from ALL of the people in power in Quincy, elected or otherwise. We care about policy and structural change: action, not promises. Other organizations - such as the Movement for Black Lives, the American Civil Liberties Union, Movimiento Cosecha, etc. - have a similar approach.

Trump might be out, but electing Biden did not “fix” racism. The political apparatus and ordinary people who supported Trump’s heinous decisions and actions are still here, even in Quincy. It takes continual, consistent effort to oppose the overarching forces of historical, institutional, and structural inequity, as well as the people who are actively striving to uphold the status quo and hinder progress into a more just, equitable, and humane world.

No one can do this alone, but when many people come together, great things can happen. We need your help! Next month, we’ll be posting a series of articles comparing the various candidates for the November 2nd election. We hope that you will read and share them, vote and encourage others around you to vote. And consider as well - what can YOU do to fight against the forces of injustice, inequity, and racism?