Quincy City Council Ward 5 Race

Chuck Phelan (incumbent) vs Steve Christo (challenger)

QFTC Organizer | October 16, 2021

Chuck Phelan (Ward 5 incumbent)

Charles (Chuck) Phelan has been a city councilmember since 2020, and had also served on the city council from 1988-1996. (This article focuses on his current term.) He worked as Chief Information Officer for the City of Quincy between 1997-2002 and 2008-2018, and for Norfolk County between 2002-2008. He lives in Wollaston and is currently retired.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cphelan2020/

Green Flags

Racial justice:
  • Co-sponsored a city council resolution “2020-147 - Recognizing October as Filipino American History Month” in 2020 along with 5 other councilmembers
  • Supports teaching accurate, non-whitewashed history (including critical race theory) and applying it to government planning
  • Co-sponsored a city council resolution “2021-074 – City Council Opposition to Pine Island Boardwalk” in 2021 along with 6 other councilmembers
  • Co-sponsored a city council resolution “2020-166 – Continued Legal Action in Opposition to Weymouth Gas Compressor Station” in 2020 along with 6 other councilmembers
  • Sponsored a city council resolution “2020-038 – Exploring purchase of 797 Quincy Shore Drive for the purposes of preserving it as open space and coastal protection” in 2020
  • Opposes putting a bridge over Black’s Creek for environmental reasons
  • Worked to turn the Beachcomber site into a mitigation project as a city council member in the 1990s
  • Says that he would not accept donations from developers or contractors whose projects were being voted on directly by city council

Mixed Flag

  • Stated his support for the ordinance to establish the Department of Social Justice and Equity on record in Ordinance Committee meeting in 2020; however, seems to be under the impression that the proposed department was merely about exclusionary zoning and could not recall the department’s name in interviews in 2021


Steve Christo (Ward 5 challenger)

Steve Christo previously ran for Ward 5 city councillor in 2019. He lives in Wollaston and currently works at SMC Consulting.

Website: https://christoforcouncil.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/stevechristoquincy

Green Flags

Racial justice:
  • Language accessibility: provides Chinese translations of his campaign materials on his website
  • Says he would serve the underrepresented Asian American community in Ward 5, particularly the Chinese and Vietnamese communities
  • Says he would push for the city to be a “leader” in green initiatives and environmental programs
  • Says he will fight for funding in both academics and enrichment programming
  • Supports unions and collective bargaining
  • Is against Citizens United, and says he would not accept donations from corporations who might try to influence a project or campaign

Red Flags

  • His career is mainly in finance, including working at Arthur Andersen during the time leading up to the Enron scandal in 2001 which resulted in the company’s dissolution