Quincy City Council Ward 2 Race

Anthony Andronico (incumbent) vs Steve Perdios (challenger)

QFTC Organizer | October 16, 2021

Anthony Andronico (Ward 2 incumbent)

Anthony Andronico has been a city councilmember since 2021; he was appointed to take over the position vacated by Councillor Brad Croall. He served on the Quincy School Committee from 2018-2021. He lives south of Quincy Center, and currently works in the Massachusetts State Senate.

Website: https://www.anthonyandronico.com/

Green Flags

Racial justice:
  • Co-sponsored a city council resolution “2021-045 – Update on the Establishment of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission” in 2021 along with 3 other councilmembers
  • As vice-chair of the school committee, put forth the ordinance that established the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion school subcommittee
  • All of the previous companies that he has worked for emphasize diversity and inclusion: Forrester, Mass Insight, O’Neill and Associates
Health and disability:
  • Worked with the city and state to address the COVID vaccine supply chain and senior vaccination clinic access in 2021
  • Mentions “Ensuring Equity and Access in City Services/Resources” as an issue of concern on his website
  • Sponsored a city council resolution “2021-041 – A Call to Protect Fore River Residents Against Unplanned Toxic Gas Releases at the Weymouth Compressor Station” in 2021
  • Co-sponsored a city council resolution “2021-074 – City Council Opposition to Pine Island Boardwalk” in 2021 along with 6 other councilmembers
  • Helped introduce the original 2010 Net Zero bill as a MA Senate staffer
  • Advocates for: increasing accessibility for bikes, pedestrians, and public transit; encouraging green space in developments and transitioning to more environmentally friendly building practices; implementing MA’s Net Zero Stretch Code on building energy use
  • Endorsed by Norfolk County Labor Council, IBW local 103, Bricklayers local 3, Ironworkers local 7, Carpenters local 346, Plumbers local 12, and Laborers local 133
Government Transparency:
  • Sponsored a city council resolution “2021-083 – American Rescue Plan Spending Transparency” in 2021
  • Proactively solicits feedback from his constituent services website survey to guide his city council work, and sends a monthly newsletter to people who sign up on the site
  • Is prohibited from personally accepting donations from any source, due to his day job as a state employee


Steve Perdios (Ward 2 challenger)

Steve Perdios previously ran for Ward 2 city councillor in 2011. He lives in Quincy Point, and currently works at Dewberry.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Steve-Perdios-for-City-Council-Ward-2-228970550447329/

Green Flags

Racial justice:
  • Works for a company that emphasizes diversity and inclusion: Dewberry
  • Quincy Environmental Network committeemember and spokesperson
  • Brought the Community Preservation Act to Quincy in 2006
  • Favors MA’s Net Zero Stretch Code on building energy use
  • In 2011, was endorsed by Painters & Allied Trades District Council #35
  • Was a member of the Sheet Metal Workers union in the 1990s
  • Says he would put in an ordinance to prohibit city councillors from accepting donations from anyone who has received or will be receiving a contract from the city of Quincy
  • Thomas Crane Public Library Foundation- President of the Board of Directors 2013-2016

Mixed flags

  • Believes that “critical race theory” is inherently divisive, and that it is a non-issue in Quincy. However, he does support teaching accurate, non-whitewashed history in schools.